pretty lights : a swan song through a floating world from elndzvastieree on Vimeo.

Soft.As.Glass : end goal of the Pretty Lights Series

The Pretty Lights Series is an attempt to create a more fully financed work by implementing an increasing number of "rules" i.e. world defining actions, dramaturgy, and characterizations via a series of shows whose aim is a complete work currently titled Soft.As.Glass.


In a world where there are no endings, Soft as Glass is a show about the struggle to find a beginning in the middle. A collection of interlocked excerpts from famous circus shows that exist only in the imagination, it uses circus, live music, and hip hop theatre to bring to life a fantastic world that bears a passing resemblance to the realities of our surrounding. Both a swan song to a San Francisco that no longer exists, and a celebration of the cutting edge in American unstep performance, the show features some of the best aerial, beatboxing, and ground based acts ( pole dance, contortion, handbalancing ) in the world. Soft As Glass is theatre for people who think theatre has nothing to offer them hip hop for people who think hip hop is just sound and fury ; It is circus as we have always dreamed it could be. Bringing to life a dyson's column perched between 2 black holes, a song cycle set 41,000 years in the future, the red light district of Weimar Berlin, the demonologies of San Francisco's tenderloin, and the strange legends of giant beatboxing squid, Soft as Glass is a Catch-22 for our times.